Resume Development


Why A Resume?

Getting into college bears an uncommon resemblance to applying for a job: you need to persuade an organization that you possess sought-after skills and that you're a great fit for their community. 

If it sounds like self-marketing,  it is. You are marketing the following about yourself: 

  • academic achievements
  • extracurricular involvement
  • community service
  • Special skills. 

A strong resume will help you and your application stand out from among the thousands of other applicants. 

Craft A Strong High School Resume

Lisa has helped scores of students design and craft strong resumes. Each resume is personalized. Resume designs have included those that highlighted students' academic, community service, athletic, equestrian, and musical talents and skills. What is your talent?

Learn How To Use Your Resume

Never underestimate the value of a well-constructed document summarizing your high school career and learn how to use it in multiple ways throughout your college application process.