The Right Path 9th & 10th Grades

Setting a foundation for college application is important. Beginning 

in the 9th or 10th grade we'll begin to  explore your interests and layout paths to take both inside and outside of the classroom. 

  • Course selection
  • Resume building
  • Exploration of Extracurricular & Community involvement activities
  • Career exploration
  • Summer activities & Internships

A Seamless Transition 11th-12th Grades

A comprehensive package of services that begins at the beginning of a student's junior year and concludes when they begin their freshman year  at their "best fit" college. 

No limit to number of meetings or length of counseling sessions. 

  • Work with the parents to keep them educated about the college admissions process
  • Review of the high school transcript-courses, grades, test scores
  • Academic Interests-review and critique
  • Testing-scheduling and test-taking tips
  • List of suggested colleges & their requirements and deadlines
  • The Importance of teacher Recommendations
  • How to Visit and Tour a College Campus
  • Interview Skills and Practice
  • Resume Development
  • Athletic/Theater Resume Development
  • How to Communicate with Colleges and the Admissions Office
  • Review of Extracurricular activities
  • Academic Interest & Career Interests
  • Essay Editing
  • Application Completion Assistance, Critique, and Editing
  • Financial Aid Application & Award Comparison and Interpretation
  • Transition to College

The Right Way - Common Application and College Essay Writing Coaching

Application, Resume & Personal Essay Writing  
Students work one-on-one with Lisa and her skilled essay editors.  Students will learn and complete the following:

  • Learn how to navigate & complete the Common Application - the right way.
  • Craft a strong resume & learn how to use it as a self-marketing tool. 
  • Brainstorm essay topics & apply essay writing strategies that produce a polished draft. 
  • Understand how Naviance and the Common Application are linked their functions. 
  • Selecting teachers for teacher recommendations. 

This package takes about three weeks to complete. When done, students are confident that their Common Applications and Personal Essays reflect their best-selves to colleges! 

It's Not Too Late 12th Grade - Late Summer/Early Fall

Don't panic!

It is not unusual to have students come to us in late summer or early fall and ask for our assistance. We offer many services that will get students on track and help them meet their application deadlines.

Inquire about this service. 

New Horizons Transfer Students

Thinking about transfering? There are many reasons that a student might transfer colleges. Perhaps they have changed academic major or encountered a financial situation or realized that their school isn't the right fit. Whatever the reason, we can help. Services include exploring new colleges, updating your resume, writing essays, meeting deadlines, and applying for financial aid. 

Don't stress; we are here to help.

Create Your Own

Don't see a package that meets your needs? Then let's discuss what you do need and how we can tailor services to your child.

Financial Aid Counseling 

We can help you to understand and navigate the financial aid process, scholarships, understanding awards, and discussing various ways to pay for your child's college tuition. 

Note: We are not financial advisors - we don't offer financial counseling.