Essay Editing

College Admissions and Essays

In keeping with assisting students present their best selves to colleges, we support students with their writing. Whether it is writing the BIG essay for the Common Application or shorter specific college statements or essays, our editors are here to help. 

Please note that students' essays are very much their essays - we don't overwrite their work but rather facilitate the writing process, so the students' voices shine through in well-written essays or statements. 

Our Essay Editors

Our essay editors include authors, English teachers, English majors, and business people. Your essay editor will help you discover and tell your story. Your story and writing will assist the admissions committees to know more about you; beyond your GPA and test scores. 

Successful Essays Include

  • Introspection
  • Complex Thinking
  • Simplicity
  • Coherence
  • Style and Tone
  • Research 
  • Revision
  • Grammar

Parents Are Happy

Parent #1: "Lisa was so helpful to my son while he was applying to college. He wrote his essay with a great editor. My favorite thing is that the essay he wrote was truly his own. They guided him and were there to help, but he said what he wanted to say. Thanks, Lisa!" 

Parent #2: "Gabby and I really appreciate all you did! I'm sure your help with Gabby's supplemental essays will make all the difference."